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Below is a list of the primary items involved in establishing your World Wide Web Pressence for your small hotel or resort. When you put your hotel name in the search field and google it, a page should open on Google and display your information with a map, your phone number and a link to your website. Your website should have everything needed to reserve a room and pay for it. Go ahead, click search!


Here is list of the primary tasks we do to establish your World Wide Web Presence!

  1. Help you establish your domain name and get it hosted.
  2. Teach you what you need to know about your domain name and it's registration.
  3. Get your Domain setup on a reliable inexpensive hosting service company.
  4. Establish your Web Presence with and other search engines.
  5. Make your business easily found on Google Maps
  6. Design custom website to suit your needs, with built in room reservations.
  7. Take photos of your location or edit the photos you have to be most effective.
  8. Create descriptions with photos and prices for all room types or cabins.
  9. Create custom photo gallery of your site.
  10. Take photos and create custom photo gallery of your surrounding attractions.
  11. Support for the first year is included in an established price for complete site build.
  12. Offer you options to be the most economical or pay as you go plans.
  13. Train you and or your designated person on how to operate and manage reservations.
  14. Train you and or your designated person on how to obtain payment from clients through PayPal.
  15. There are many method's of payment options available.
  16. If support is suspended, all documentation of your domain and the hosting managment is provided.

Your requirements:

Maintain a computer at your front desk with internet access to manage reservations and receive payments.